Thomsea was born from a fishing boat skipper's reaction to the oil spill from the Erika (2000) showing that efficient fighting material was strikingly lacking. Three years later, during the oil spill from the Prestige , the Thomsea trawl net first prototype proved its performance (it was validated by the French Navy (Marine Nationale) and Cedre – the Centre of documentation, research and experimentation on accidental water pollution )

From then onwards, Thomsea has been the leader in trawl net cleaning up for any floating pollution (oil and solid waste)

Our expertise also has enabled us to develop and perfect the very innovating technology for collecting seaweeds by pumping them out. This technology has been used since 2013 for collecting green, red and brown algae.

Amadeus, the first amphibious boat fitted with this technology reaches the output of 5 tons per hour of collected, settled and containerized seaweed.

Thomsea - 49 rue du Tamarin - 85270 Saint Hilaire de Riez