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Thierry Thomazeau Thomsea Company
Thierry Thomazeau

A forerunner in marine pollution clean-up


The commitment of THOMSEA 's founder is at the heart of the company's activities: to stop man-made pollution.
Creating a positive impact on the environment has been his battle for 30 years.

As a professional fisherman, Thierry's objective is to design and develop innovative and ever more efficient tools in the fight against pollution.

Surrounded by a team of highly experienced sailors, he imagined and developed the oil trawl, then the macro-waste trawl and finally a solution for collecting algae to enhance this natural resource and, in some cases of invasive bloom as occurs in the Caribbean with Sargasso algae, to clean beaches, bays, marinas...
THOMSEA uses the skills of sailors, the first to be impacted by marine pollution, to act as a bulwark against all forms of pollution.
The maritime skills acquired by THOMSEA are also a real asset for fishermen, who are the first to be affected by and involved in this fight.
The company therefore also has a role to play in their training, in France and abroad, to ensure that its trawls are used efficiently.

Concrete actions


Together with its partners, the company has helped to cope with several disasters:

  • Intervention with THOMSEA trawls on the Prestige oil spill in 2002: 250 tonnes of oil collected in 2 months.
  • Thomsea cleaning up the Total Refinery site in the Loire estuary in 2008.
  • Thomsea equips trawlers and trains Moroccan ports in the oil spill response in 2009.

  • In 2010, THOMSEA trawls will be operating on the Macondo oil spillin the Gulf of Mexico.
  • THOMSEA trawls are used on the Great America oil spill in 2019.
  • THOMSEA now collects 2000 tons of red algae per year.

"The combination of skills, good practices and above all good tools like the THOMSEA trawl can stem floating marine pollution."

Thierry Thomazeau

Thierry Thomazeau Thomsea Company