Hydrocarbon remediation



Oil-related pollution following oil spills and degassing is recurrent. In the event of a disaster, action must be taken very quickly and effectively to avoid dispersal of the pollutant as much as possible.

THOMSEA has become the world leader in offshore hydrocarbon clean-up by trawling. Its trawls, which are very quick to set up and versatile,
are also capable of adapting to different types of oil, whether heavy or emulsified. No floating solids are resistant to this trawl.

THOMSEA's expertise enables it to provide its subcontractors with precise plans for the manufacture of the various parts of the trawls: inflatable parts, nets, hoops (which keep the opening of the "pocket" above and below the water).

This collaboration is crucial in the search for an optimal solution.
The elements are then assembled and tested by THOMSEA, with a permanent desire for improvement that makes its trawls ever more efficient.

The company also offers its customers, in France and abroad, training in the handling of its trawls.

The French Navy was a forerunner in their use, fighting the Prestige oil spill in 2003. The first THOMSEA prototype used at that time was the result of the company founder's experience with the Erika oil spill 3 years earlier. Following this action, the French Navy validated the THOMSEA trawl and equipped its main ports. To date, more than 100 trawls are positioned in Cherbourg, Brest and Toulon and in the French Overseas Departments and Territories. These same trawls played a crucial role in the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.
Even more impressive, the trawls supplied by THOMSEA to intervene in the Great America oil spill (2019) avoided disastrous consequences. Thanks in large part to the use of the THOMSEA trawl, the French Navy was able to collect all of the pollutant before it reached the French and Spanish coasts. For the first time, human action made it possible to prevent the effects of an oil spill.

Efficiency and speed: these are the watchwords of an oil spill clean-up operation. THOMSEA continues to work again and again on more efficient methods and tools to limit the effects of these disasters.

We manufacture 3 models: 

  • with a capacity of 1m³
  • with a capacity of 2m³.
  • with a capacity of 8m³
THOMSEA is committed to protecting the environment every day, everywhere in the world. The company is only involved in projects that will have a positive and lasting impact on our environment.