Welcome to Thomsea, new member in the Merci Les Algues alg'venture! 🌊 👉 ThomSea, is a seaweed harvester and fights against all forms of marine pollution with innovative trawls. Thierry Thomazeau, founder and president of Thomsea, has been committed to preserving the oceans for years. The company is constantly implementing actions to preserve our seabed: oil clean-up, macro-waste clean-up and seaweed collection are at the heart of Thomsea's work. The device created by the company makes it possible to collect seaweed on the beach or pump it into the sea, desalinate it and remove the sand present. The seaweed is then sent to Olmix, Thomsea's partner and a member of the Merci Les Algues! association, with the aim of transforming it into natural solutions for agriculture. 👍
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foto van Merci les Algues.