Professional creelfishing boats towing the 8T trawl net.
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Thomsea was born during the oil spill from the Prestige, in 2003.

That oil spill enabled us to demonstrate the efficiency of the Thomsea trawl net that gained by the lessons we drew from our depollution experience during the oil spill from the Erika, three years earlier.

Our expertise in surface trawling using two boats is the result of a many years' experience as fishermen. Today the trawl nets we manufacture can collect any floatting solid and heavy and emulsified oil as well.

One way to lower the 8t trawl net from a trawler
2010 November
Trawl net in a high tidal current
2008 April
Cleaning up operation in Donges
2005 March
How was born the idea of the THOMSEA trawls ?
Juillet 2018

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