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Oil Pollution Control

Acting against oil spills with the trawl designed by THOMSEA

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Fighting for the deplastification of the oceans

algae collection

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Thomsea, the "mariner-fisherman" expertise

In the service of marine pollution clean-up.


The fight against all forms of marine pollution is at the heart of THOMSEA's commitment.

The aim is to provide a concrete solution to a very real problem: the increase in pollution around the world. Whether accidental or intentional, this pollution can no longer go unnoticed. It threatens everyone, everywhere. By drawing on the natural power of water, THOMSEA offers innovative and effective solutions adapted to the different situations encountered.

Thanks to its trawls, THOMSEA participates in numerous international projects for maritime and river pollution clean-up.
It all began with the sinking of the Erika in 1999. This oil spill forced fishermen to return to port.
THOMSEA was born of this desire not to stand by and do nothing.
Its founder, Thierry Thomazeau, a fisherman at the time, asked the French Navy to provide him with the tools he needed to fight the spill. But these tools were not very effective and could not be reused, and a more effective solution had to be developed.
After three years of research, and thanks to the determination of its founder, THOMSEA produced its first prototype, which was tested on the wreck of the Prestige: a real success.

The trawl net has been constantly improved in order to combat marine pollution ever more effectively. The development and use of new tools for collecting and washing algae on beaches has become a second important area of development for THOMSEA. The collection and recovery of algae for human and animal health is a real asset for the environment and for mankind.

These natural, food-sourced products make it possible to obtain meat that is healthier to eat and organic crops that no longer use conventional fungicides: another contribution by THOMSEA towards a more environmentally friendly society.

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THOMSEA is committed to protecting the environment every day, everywhere in the world. The company is only involved in projects that will have a positive and lasting impact on our environment.